The Bus Stop - Part 4

The Bus Stop - Part 4







Here's another scene from my young adult play that explores one girl's quest to embrace her own super power.

The bus stop - Act 2 Excerpt. 

Tomoko - 13-year old Japanese-American girl
Lee - Late 20’s Asian-American software developer

This scene takes place a few days later. The cherry blossom trees are just starting to open. Tomoko and Bernie are sitting next to each other on the bus stop bench. Tomoko is showing him how to play Yo-Kai Watch on her tablet. Lee is standing behind them, laughing as Bernie tries to make sense of the game. Images of the game are projected behind them.

Bernie: This is hard. I think I need my bi-focals. I can’t see the top of the game that well. Whoa, what’s that thing?

Tomoko: (Giggling) That’s Jibanyan, Fumika’s cat. He’s got all kinds of powers. Oh, right there...push this button and Jibanyan will release a charm that slows that evil spirit down. Ok, now hit that button to unleash the final attack.

Bernie: (Looking very animated) There, gotcha you little mischief maker!

Tomoko: Awesome, you won your first battle against Ume. See all the little plums bursting in the sky?

Lee: Not bad Bernie!

Bernie: This is pretty fun. I really like that one with the big rosy cheeks and Fumika reminds me a lot of this Japanese girl I know.

Tomoko: Me? I don’t think so. I don’t have special powers or anything.

Bernie: You sure? You just showed an old fogey like me how to play a video game, if that isn’t a special power, I don’t know what one is.

Lee: Yeah. I’ve been trying to show my parents how to use Skype for months now and they still don’t get it. “Phone plus video” is way too much for them to handle.

Bernie: See, it’s like magic? So what’s your special power Lee?

Lee: Let’s see...I’m cultivating the power to make web pages load miraculously faster. I should become a master here any day now. Just waiting for Jeff Bezos to bestow my black belt.

Bernie: You are destined to become an Amazonian legend.

Tomoko: Maybe I could figure out a way to wiggle my right pinky toe and become invisible.

Bernie: That would be neat, but you don’t want to be invisible all the time. People already think I’m senile--what if they see me talking to this bus stop bench?

Tomoko: I wouldn’t be invisible all the time, just when there was trouble coming.

Bernie: That’s like cheating, using a superpower to run away from trouble.

Lee: Maybe you should learn Judo.

Tomoko: I don’t know, I’m not really into that kind of thing.

Lee: Me either. My cousins are really good though.

Bernie: What if you had the power to make people see you for who you really are?

Tomoko: That sounds kind of weird.

Bernie: No weirder than your hero Fumika. She’s a time-traveling, spirit battling girl that has a ghost cat. That sounds pretty weird to me and you think she’s awesome.

Tomoko: But I can’t do any of those things.

Bernie: So? Figure out what you can do.

Lights out as you hear the sounds of a bus stopping and the door opening.


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